DHQ Nickeisha bashes Marvin’s Sister In Law!

DHQ Nickeisha bashes Marvin’s Sister In Law! [MUST SEE POST]


It seem DHQ Nickeisha is now ready to open open up about her very public relationship with Marvin the Beast. The popular couple definitely the hottest and most talked about couple in dancehall at this current moment.

On Saturday his sister in law verbally attacked him on various social media platforms, claiming that the famous dancer used her sister to get a green card.

On Sunday the popular Jamaican Dancer Marvin the Beast took social media platforms for himself giving his side of the story accusing his wife of cheating on his with drug dealer so she could get material things..

Yesterday it seem the wife got tired of just look on…

Now it seem DHQ Nickeisha is ready to join in the action.nicki

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