Vybz Kartel To Get Permission To Record Music In Prison?

Vybz Kartel To Get Permission To Record Music In Prison?


Imprisoned Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, could be allowed to record music while serving his 35 years sentence at the Tower Street Correctional Facility in Central Kingston.

Vybz Kartel, who is serving 35-years in prison for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, was unexpectedly moved from the Horizon Remand Center two weeks ago.

It was alleged that items that could be used to record music were confiscated from his cell. However, authorities have yet to confirm the allegations.

Throughout his sentence, Vybz Kartel maintains that all his work being released were recorded before his 2011 incarceration.

In a recent interview with RollingStone Magazine, . His legal team has also dispelled the rumors.

A sources told Hype Life Magazine that “it is very possible he may get to record in prison at GP.”

“The correctional officers are in full support as it may help with rehabilitation efforts with other inmates,” the source revealed.

“They also have a full studio there,” the source added.

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  • General89

    We need to stop reward this cold blooded murderer for his bad behavior


      Is it any wonder ,,,,domestic terrorists are roaming freely in Jamaica, like the wild, wild west.?
      Innocent, defenseless citizens being used as target practice!
      Shame on the “powers that be”
      The 🌎 world has witnessed our Government “sticking out it neck, and putting its head on the, international diplomatic block”, for a known Jamaican terrorist, wanted by the United States of America!!
      I have been watching Jamaica Political Parties for (40) years, and all I have observed for all these years, is that; our PNP/JLP have been defending known “Dons” and attending “Dons” funerals, and speaking eloquently, about these men, who have terrorised our communities, over all these years!
      All I have written is on documentary, “Through The Decades”, “The Mafias” featuring Jamaicans and their “known Gang Leader”
      Known internationally and locally!!!..
      Something is morally wrong, when a leader is on record saying a known gangster is the poor people’s hero”!

      Our children are being targeted daily