Yanique “Curvy Diva” gets ATTACKED about how AWEFUL She Looks !

Yanique “Curvy Diva” gets ATTACKED about how AWEFUL She Looks ! [MUST SEE SHOCKING VIDEO + PICTURES + COMMENTS]


Popular Jamaican Media vixen, Yanique the ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett is making currently rounds on various social media platforms once again.

A photo of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall host at this years Bacchanal Launch took over social media this past weekend as viewer weighted in on it, giving there thoughts.

Viewers fired shots at her left, right and centre over their disgust towards her appearance.

View some user comments below:

Angelique Thompson It look like shi sooo buss to rhass… Summady pass wah neggle deh

Liza Roach As a curvy woman to another….no…no…she was naturally SLAYING but this Hollywood fakery standard of beauty has created a delusion of malfunctional thoughts….She did her already naturally curvacious body #NOJUSTICE. Why …why…why…?

Tina Chin There is nothing sexy about this !!! I love the costume but she has done way too much to her body ./ the darn costume doesn’t even have a natural sexy fit appearance on her body .. oh Gosh man .. this is just tew* much

Gemini Parris When I saw her chugit photo, I was going to say she never wears a bikini, maybe because her backside cannot manage one but now I see why she doesn’t! I like her but she looks awful!

Kaydian Palmer Seems yanique cut out all of her pum pum put in her hips. What a gyal front flat like me belly.

Shauniel Whitley She reminds of Eddie Murphy in Professor Klumps.she stay awful. REFUND.

Melissa Rek-law Why is she looking like a blow-up balloon

Migz Williams Once was a naturally pretty n sexy girl now turn a balloon. This should be a lesson for you ladies

Noel Cunningham Nobody on God’s earth should look like this. She needs to get back her money or ask for a discount. I’m confuse.

Antonia Mental Dixon Noo the Chinese them have some explaining fi do, a coulda wahh cause this MI pusscrackaz

Lateasha Harley Quinn Lawson I cant tell if its back or front. Not hating, she looks off

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