He tricked me and took my virginity!

He tricked me and took my virginity! [MUST READ]


He tricked me and took my virginity

I am 20 years old and I am very depressed. I have a boyfriend. He was the first man for me. When I met him, he displayed maturity and he was always there for me.

I was attending evening classes at the time. He would pick me up and take me home. He never took me to his house.

I could hardly look at the house because he was driving fast and he did not want anybody to see us together.

I went on Facebook and found out that this guy has a babymother and was living with her. I felt I could I die because I had allowed him to take my virginity.

He told me that he was sorry for all that he did, but I should give him time to get rid of his babymother because I am going to be his wife.

Do you think I should believe him after what he has done?


Dear T.E.,

You shouldn’t believe a word this man says to you. He is a liar and a deceiver. You should end the relationship with him right away. Do not blame yourself for anything. This guy was a good pretender and he deceived you. You cannot trust him.

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