Almost 800 Jamaicans deported from US!

Almost 800 Jamaicans deported from US!


Close to 800 Jamaicans were numbered among more than 240,000 individuals who were deported from the United States in 2016.

A report from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave the Jamaican total as 787.

Some 174,923 of the removals involved individuals who were apprehended at or near the US border or ports of entry.

The remaining 65,332 were apprehended by ICE officers inside the US.

Most of the other nationals who were held by ICE personnel were from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

The ICE report cited removals last year at a level of two per cent above the 2015 figure, but a 24 per cent decrease from 2014.

The agency has focussed heavily on removing aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes, public safety and national security threats, along with recent border entrants.

FEATURED PHOTO: Jamaicans being processed in Kingston after being deported from the United Kingdom last September. (FILE)

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