Signs of possible standoff in Upper House!

Signs of possible standoff in Upper House!


There are signs that there could be a possible standoff when the upper house sits on Friday.

Late Monday, RJR received confirmation that Arthur Williams will retake his seat at the next meeting of the Senate.

But general secretary of the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Dr. Horace Chang ,has suggested that Friday court’s judgment regarding Williams’ removal was only a declaration, and this does not change the composition of the Opposition Senators.

On Monday, Williams’ attorney, Wentworth Charles, carried out his plan to write to President of  the Senate, Floyd Morris, advising him of  Friday’s court ruling.

However, Chang says the positions of  Senators Ruel Reid and Nigel Clarke remain unchanged by the judgment.

“There is no legal impact on the state of these senators as it stands at this point. The court did not indicate and order to take action . We will certainly examine the implications  of the declaration by the court and if any action is to be taken we will examine it . But in strict legal terms it has no impact at this time.

RJR News has been informed that a meeting will be held on Tuesday with Williams and Opposition Leader Andrew Holness.A statement will then be issued by  Williams.


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